I really enjoy new school/office supplies. I like when people pronounce my name right the first time. Sometimes I feel like I need to be more social than I am, so I'll make plans, but then really regret making those plans. My blood quantum is probably 15% ice cream. I like putting things I already did on my To Do list, just so I can have a few things already crossed off.


niquename lmao

lol inuyasha’s face
sess dont give a fuck


niquename lmao

lol inuyasha’s face

sess dont give a fuck


The Slumflower, by artist, @air_em (on instagram)


The Slumflower, by artist, @air_em (on instagram)

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yesterday, two of my students asked to film a statement from me for a project they’re doing in american lit. 

1. how do you identify yourself?

2. what do you think of america?

loaded questions, though they might not seems so with a cursory read. it becomes a lot more problematic when they added the stipulations that their teacher gave them: the comments cannot be negative, and they cannot offend anyone.


how can you give that assignment and coupled with those stipulations? why would you give those stipulations? no wait, i already know how and why.

i really had to think about my answers. in fact, even though i gave them my comments yesterday, they had asked me monday, but i told them i needed to think it over. i even told them they might not want to include what i had to say in the film, but they insisted. lord only knows why.

i edited what i would have actually like to have said. i didn’t want them to fail. off camera, we had a really long talk about not only why my comment wasn’t lavish with praise and honor, but about why the caveats were given. i told them that the way you view america is really dependent upon the story of your people. and for me and mine, the story has not been a fairy tale. i told them about the horrors that asian immigrants had to face in this country, if the struggles of my people didn’t drive it home enough, since they’re asian.

it was amazing…they didn’t know much of anything about the japanese internment camps, or the chinese labor on the trans continental railroads. the look on their faces was…it’s hard to describe. it was disappointment, confusion, rage, all mixed with some kind of disgust.

"why don’t we learn about this stuff in school?"

a question that comes up all too often. 

"history is written by the victors" the answer that needs to be given. me and my office mate gave them a couple books to read to solidify some things.

i’ve had these kinds of conversations a lot over the past year with students. looking at their homework assignments and the way questions are phrased, or how they are understanding history and social issues….it disturbs me. and it makes me sit back and reflect. 

this is definitely outside of my job description, but it’s so so important that kids are getting the whole story. or at least being pointed in the right direction for where to look for answers

that teacher is gonna be mad at meee……

ugly laughed at this lmao

ugly laughed at this lmao

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There’s something beautiful about a black man wearing a smile! <3

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this is too funny to me lmao

this is too funny to me lmao

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Love XYZ


New/Artists to Know;

Luke James | Love XYZ

James has finally released his anticipated self-titled debut album. The emerging artist started off with multiple mix-tapes and singles. His single, “I Want You” was nominated at the 2013 Grammys.

He started as a background singer for Tyrese and later managed to pen songs for Chris Brown and Justin Bieber. 

Purchase his album on iTunes or Google Play

Official Site, TwitterInstagram, Facebook

(c) Island Records (2014) x

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I could listen to this forever and never get bored


lmao why is this so catchy



QUEEN (Photos by Glenford Nunez)


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The Model Rohan at ease on Flickr.



The Model Rohan at ease on Flickr.








the end of a three part saga. anyway. let’s bury shit and do just that. 

and you know what…

when someone says they don’t want to talk about something, why but WHY do people always wanna get in your shit? like, i told your ass i don’t’ wanna fucking talk about it, your only response to that, especially since YOU DON’T FUCKING KNOW ME should be “ok”, definitely not “oh, was it that bad?”

BITCH! if it was that bad, you saying something like that sure as FUCK doesn’t help. fuck off and move along.

i just don’t understand why people continuously want to be in your business especially if they’re someone you don’t even know like that. you’re just being fucking nosy, you don’t care about me or have a vested interest in how i’m doing. if i tell you i fucking failed, what the fuck are you going to say? you literally have nothing to say if i i failed, so why ask. leave me alone. you just want to be a part of the glory and share none of the pain, so fuck off.

i’m so sick of telling people this. i literally told this heffa “i don’t want to talk about it,” not “please discuss it with me further, please give me your unwarranted opinion.”

how the hell do you respond with something prodding further to a statement like that. i do not get it. you try to be straight up with people and all it gets you is more probing fucking questions. ima just start lyin to everybody.

"our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

you know, this quote never made sense to me. i mean it makes sense, but i guess it doesn’t apply, at least not to me. my deepest fear, aside from what happened in 1984 coming true and being our reality IS inadequacy. i could deal with the tenuous position of power and being good at something. but being inadequate? not measuring up? that’s horrifying. i’d rather maintain. but to just straight up not have what it takes? to have never have had what it takes? that’s definitely more terrifying in my opinion. i’d rather have been great once and then fallen than to have never lived up to what i was supposed to do or what i want to do, to just have never gotten always be a valley and never a peak.

who the fuck wants that. 



how i feel when i wear glasses vs how i feel without them. by AlliCattt

where’s her oscar because this is a full movie in 6 seconds

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